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    Reboot IT embraces the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program to breathe new life into computers and laptops, ensuring each device is upgraded with authentic Windows software.

    This effort significantly diminishes electronic waste and conserves valuable resources, steering towards a greener, more eco-friendly utilization of technology. By focusing on refurbishing, Reboot IT champions the cause of eco-friendly computers, aligning with sustainable practices that benefit our planet.


    Reboot IT supports community organizations by offering discounted computer hardware, enabling these groups to access modern technology at a fraction of the cost.

    This generosity not only empowers nonprofits, educational institutions, and low-income families by bridging the digital divide but also fosters skill development and enhances educational opportunities.


    Reboot IT's program plays a vital role in supporting charities like Second Bite by converting tech purchases into essential support for the underprivileged.

    With every transaction, Reboot IT contributes to Second Bite's efforts to collect and distribute surplus food to people in need.


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Reviving Tech: Your Top Questions on Refurbished Computers Answered!


What does a refurbished computer warranty cover

At Reboot IT, we're committed to ensuring your peace of mind when it comes to the reliability and performance of your hardware. Our comprehensive warranty has got you covered on all fronts, including screens, motherboards, and hard drives. To put it simply, it's easier to outline what isn't covered under our warranty, as we aim to provide extensive support for the hardware components of your devices.

What falls outside our warranty coverage are issues that arise from user actions. This includes problems caused by viruses or accidental damage. We understand that accidents happen, but these types of issues fall outside the scope of our standard warranty protection.

Additionally, we offer a limited 30-day warranty on laptop batteries. Batteries are unique in that they are consumable items; their performance and longevity can vary significantly based on how they are used and cared for. Due to their nature, we can't offer the same warranty as we do for other hardware components, but we believe it's important to provide some level of protection to help you get started with confidence.

We strive to make our warranty terms clear and understandable, ensuring you know exactly what to expect from our support. Our goal is to keep you informed and confident in the durability and reliability of your Reboot IT products. If you have any questions about our warranty coverage or need assistance with your device, our friendly team is always here to help.

Where can I buy refurbished computers?

Reboot IT: That's us! We specialize in providing a wide range of refurbished computers, including laptops, desktops, and all-in-ones from leading brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Apple. Our computers are thoroughly tested and come with a warranty, ensuring you get a reliable device at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

We deliver to all states across Australia, ensuring your laptop arrives swiftly by air freight for the quickest delivery. For our international customers, there's no need to worry – simply get in touch with our team, and we'll provide you with a shipping quote to any location worldwide.

Is it safe to buy refurbished computers online

Absolutely, buying refurbished computers online can be a safe and smart choice, especially when you're purchasing from a reputable company like Reboot IT. We take our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction seriously, ensuring that each refurbished computer we sell meets our high standards for performance and reliability.

Here are a few reasons why you can feel confident buying a refurbished computer from us:

  • Thorough Testing and Inspection: Each computer undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process, which includes comprehensive testing and inspection to identify and rectify any issues. This ensures that the computer you receive is in top-notch working condition.
  • Warranty and Support: We stand behind our refurbished computers with a warranty and customer support. This means if you encounter any problems or have questions about your purchase, you can rely on us to provide assistance and resolve any issues.
  • Value for Money: Refurbished computers offer excellent value, allowing you to get a high-quality, reliable computer at a fraction of the cost of buying new. This is a great way to save money without compromising on performance or quality.
  • Environmental Benefits: By choosing a refurbished computer, you're also making an environmentally friendly choice. Refurbishing extends the life of computers, reducing e-waste and the demand for new resources.
  • Transparency: We provide detailed information about the specifications and condition of each refurbished computer, so you know exactly what you're getting. This transparency helps you make an informed decision and ensures your satisfaction with your purchase.

When buying a refurbished computer online, it's important to do so from a trusted and reliable source like Reboot IT. This ensures that you're getting a quality product that has been properly refurbished and is backed by support and warranty, making it a safe and smart investment.

What strategies does Reboot IT use to maximise an IT budget

At Reboot IT, we're all about making the most of your IT budget. We understand that every dollar counts, especially in today's fast-paced and ever-evolving tech landscape. Here's how we ensure you get the best bang for your buck:

  • Tailored Solutions: We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. By understanding your specific business needs and goals, we create customised IT strategies. This ensures you're not spending on unnecessary technologies or services that don't add value to your business.
  • Cost-Effective Upgrades: Technology evolves rapidly, but that doesn't mean you need to buy the newest gadgets every year. We focus on strategic upgrades that offer the most significant benefits to your operations and productivity, ensuring longevity and value for money.
  • Vendor Relationships and Bulk Purchasing: Thanks to our established relationships with various vendors, we're able to negotiate better prices for hardware and software. Our bulk purchasing capabilities also mean we can pass on savings directly to you.
  • Energy Efficiency: Reducing energy consumption not only lowers costs but is also better for the environment. We recommend energy-efficient hardware and optimise your systems for performance without unnecessary power use.

By implementing these strategies, Reboot IT helps you maximise your IT budget, ensuring you invest in technology that drives growth, enhances efficiency, and offers a competitive edge.

How reliable are refurbished laptops for business purposes?

Refurbished laptops can be a highly reliable option for business purposes, provided they are sourced from a reputable company like Reboot IT. We understand the importance of dependability, performance, and cost-effectiveness for businesses, and our refurbished laptops are carefully selected and rigorously tested to ensure they meet high standards of functionality and reliability.

Before a laptop is classified as "refurbished" and made available for sale, it undergoes a comprehensive refurbishment process. This includes hardware and software checks, repairs, replacements of necessary components, and a thorough cleaning. Our team of experts ensures each laptop is updated with the latest compatible software and operating system to provide a seamless user experience.

One of the key advantages of opting for refurbished laptops for business use is the cost savings. Businesses can access high-quality, performance-oriented laptops from leading brands at a fraction of the cost of buying new. This can be particularly beneficial for startups, small businesses, or any organisation looking to stretch their IT budget further without compromising on quality.

Moreover, buying refurbished laptops from Reboot IT comes with warranties and customer support, providing peace of mind and assistance when needed. This level of support is crucial for businesses relying on their technology for day-to-day operations.

In summary, refurbished laptops from a trusted provider like Reboot IT can offer an excellent balance of reliability, performance, and value for businesses. With the right refurbishment process and support, these laptops can serve as a smart, cost-effective solution to meet various business needs.

  • We are an IBM authorized reseller for refurbished computer and IT hardware, tested by professional and guaranteed to perform like new.