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Refurbished Devices: Excellent and Good Grades Explained

Refurbished Devices: Excellent and Good Grades Explained - Reboot IT

When evaluating the purchase of refurbished devices, it's crucial to choose a seller, such as Reboot IT, that provides clear and detailed information about the device's cosmetic condition. This transparency allows for a complete understanding of what you can expect when you receive the product. Reboot IT facilitates the decision-making process by categorizing our refurbished devices into two primary grades: Excellent and Good.

These categories are intended to offer direct insight into the device's condition, including any visible signs of wear and its overall performance. By presenting a detailed explanation of what each grade represents, we strive to help you make an informed decision when choosing a refurbished device from Reboot IT. This approach ensures that your expectations are accurately matched with the condition of the product.

Excellent Grade: Virtually Like-New


Excellent grade laptops from Reboot IT are the jewels in the crown of second-hand electronics. Reserved for units that show barely any signs of previous use, these laptops may exhibit very minor scuffing or abrasions, associated only with minimal standard use. The keyboards show light wear, and importantly, the screens are pristine, free from any scratches, cracks, chips, dead pixels, dark spots, discoloration, or blemishes. Opting for an Excellent grade laptop means getting a device that offers the standard minimal wear and tear expected from a gently used laptop.


Desktop PCs in the Excellent grade category are free from deep scratches, cracks, paint chips, or any broken/missing pieces, ensuring a sleek and almost-new aesthetic.


Excellent grade monitors are for those who expect a display showing very little to no signs of previous use. With minimal scuffing or abrasions on the housing/frame and no imperfections on the screen, these units offer an almost-new viewing experience.

Tablets, iPads & Smartphones

Devices in this category appear like new, with very minor wear. Expect light or fine scratches on the screen that are shallow enough not to catch on a fingernail. The edge around the glass is virtually flawless, save for possible light scratching around the power port. The back plate may show light/fine scratches, including on the Apple logo, with any discoloration being minimal.

Good Grade: Lightly Used with Minor Wear


Good grade laptops are fully functional but come with signs of more extensive use compared to Excellent grade units. This includes scratches on the laptop body, heavier wear on keyboards, and possible small dents or paint chips. Screens may show uneven light diffusion and subtle blemishes but no cracks.


Similar to laptops, Good grade desktops may exhibit light scratches and more noticeable wear on the case compared to Excellent grade PCs. Small dings or paint chips might be present but do not affect functionality.


Displays in the Good grade have been fully tested and are functional but may include body scratches, minor cracks, or a loose/wobbly base. Screens could display uneven light diffusion and moderate blemishes but remain free from cracks.

Tablets, iPads & Smartphones

These devices are characterized by being fully tested and functional even if they have body scratches, minor paint chips, or a small hairline crack on the screen. Screens are free from dead pixels but may exhibit slight scratching from moderate use.

Making Your Choice

The decision between an Excellent or Good grade refurbished device from Reboot IT should be based on your priorities—whether you value cosmetic condition, functionality, or price point. An Excellent grade offers an almost-new experience with minimal signs of use, while a Good grade provides a more cost-effective solution with light signs of usage.Both grades offer devices which are fully functional and have gone through our extensive testing process.

Regardless of your choice, Reboot IT ensures there's a refurbished option out there that's perfect for you, whether you're a student, professional, or casual user looking for quality electronics at a fraction of the cost.

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