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Embrace the Green Side:The Eco-Friendly Magic of Refurbished Tech.

Reboot IT: Remarketing with a Social Impact

Reboot IT stands out from other remarketing companies due to its unique commitment to social impact. By leveraging a strong network of non-profit organizations, Reboot IT is able to supply recycled devices to entities striving to enhance community services through technology that may have previously been financially inaccessible.

Not just stopping at providing affordable technology, Reboot IT also operates a partner program, channeling a percentage of its sales to Second Bite, an organization focused on preparing meals for those in need. Moreover, our sales are predominantly domestic, contributing to the digital empowerment of families, students, and businesses within our community.

In essence, Reboot IT is not just a remarketing company; it’s a force for positive change in society.

Closing the Loop: Reboot IT's Sustainable Device Recycling Program

Through Reboot IT's efficient recycling program, we prioritize sustainability by recycling and industry-leading reusing 89% of devices.

The Eco-Friendly Magic of Refurbished Tech.

  • Access to Technology

    Computer recycling repurposes functional components from outdated systems, creating affordable refurbished devices for individuals and communities with limited resources.

    This process broadens technology access, bridging the digital divide by supplying cost-effective equipment to schools, nonprofits, and low-income families.

  • Environmental Conservation

    Electronic waste recycling minimizes the disposal of harmful substances in landfills, protecting soil and water quality.

    Reclaiming precious metals and components from outdated devices saves natural resources and cuts down on the energy needed for extracting and producing new materials.

  • Sustainable Technology

    Through the refurbishment of electronic devices, recycling contributes to a circular economy, extending product life and reducing the need for constant production of new devices.