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E-waste and recycle program

Can I dispose of my e-waste with Reboot IT?

Our e-waste program is for corporate, government or education customers.

Reboot IT is not able to take e-waste from the public.

How can a business dispose of their e-waste?

We have been remarketing and disposing of e-waste for businesses for over 20 years. Please see our corporate recycling page for more details.

What are the benefits of the Reboot IT e-waste program?

The social and environomental impact is huge. Please see the green impact here.

Eductation and Buisiness

Can you supply in bulk?

Certainly, Reboot IT maintains 43 fully stocked warehouses with an inventory of refurbished items. For corporate purchases, reach out to our sales division via email at

Do you offer business discounts and solutions?

Absolutely! At Reboot IT, we cater to a broad spectrum of small, medium, and large-scale enterprises throughout Australia and New Zealand, delivering a vast selection of products and expert guidance.