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Refurbished - Desktops by type - Reboot IT

Explore the extensive range of desktop computers at Reboot IT, where we cater to every computing need with a variety of desktop types. Our carefully selected inventory includes everything from high-powered refurbished gaming PCs, like the formidable Alienware series, to the iconic Apple iMac, known for its sleek design and intuitive interface.

For those in need of a reliable workhorse, our used desktops, such as the Dell OptiPlex or HP ProDesk, offer the perfect balance of performance and affordability. Gamers will appreciate our selection of used gaming PCs, which feature dedicated graphics cards and robust processors for an optimal gaming experience.

If you're looking for the latest operating system, our refurbished desktop computers with Windows 11 provide the most up-to-date software on trusted hardware. For Apple enthusiasts, our refurbished Apple computers, including various models of the used iMac, combine elegance with powerful computing capabilities.

No matter if you're working from home, managing a business, or diving into digital creativity, Reboot IT has a desktop to match your requirements. 

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A Guide to Desktop Varieties: From Compact to Gaming Powerhouses

What is a desktop computer?

A desktop type computer, often simply called a desktop, is a personal computer designed for regular use at a single location on or near a desk due to its size and power requirements. Unlike portable laptop computers, desktops typically consist of several separate components, including the central processing unit (CPU) tower, monitor, keyboard, and mouse, all of which are connected together to form a complete setup.

Desktops are known for their durability and ease of repair and upgrade. They generally offer more powerful hardware for the same price compared to laptops, making them ideal for tasks that require more intensive processing power, such as graphic design, video editing, gaming, or running complex databases and software applications.

Exploring All-in-One Computers

All-in-One (AIO) computers are a type of desktop computer that integrates the computer's system unit with the monitor into a single, compact device. This design provides a clutter-free workspace, as it reduces the number of separate components and cables required for operation. AIO computers typically include the display, speakers, webcam, processor, memory, storage, and optical drives all within the monitor housing.

AIO computers are an excellent choice for users who appreciate a streamlined setup with fewer wires and who have limited space. They are well-suited for general computing tasks, office work, media consumption, and light creative work. While they may not offer the same level of upgradeability as traditional desktop towers, many AIO models still provide access to certain components like RAM and storage for upgrades or repairs.

At Reboot IT, we offer a selection of refurbished All-in-One computers that combine functionality and style. These AIOs have been carefully restored to ensure they perform like new, offering a sustainable and cost-effective option for both personal and professional use. With various models from top brands available, you can enjoy the latest technology and a sleek design without the premium price of buying new.

Level Up: Gaming desktops

Gaming desktops are specialized computers designed to handle the demands of modern video games, which often require high-performance hardware to run smoothly. These desktops are equipped with powerful processors, high-end graphics cards, large amounts of RAM, and fast storage solutions like solid-state drives (SSDs) to ensure quick load times and a seamless gaming experience.

At Reboot IT, we understand that gaming enthusiasts are looking for desktops that can deliver top-notch performance and stunning visuals. That's why our range of gaming desktops includes models that are built to maximize frame rates and provide the graphical fidelity needed for immersive gaming. Whether you're into fast-paced first-person shooters, expansive role-playing games, or competitive real-time strategy games, our gaming desktops are up to the task.

Our refurbished gaming desktops are a great way to level up your gaming setup without the full cost of a brand-new machine. Each unit is thoroughly tested and restored to ensure it meets our high standards of quality and performance. We offer a variety of gaming desktops from leading brands, giving you the power to choose a system that fits your preferences and budget.

Understanding Apple's Desktop Range

Apple's desktop range comprises a variety of models, each designed to cater to different users and computing needs. At Reboot IT, we offer a selection of refurbished Apple desktops, which include:

  • iMac: Known for its all-in-one design, the iMac combines a sleek display with powerful processing capabilities. It's suitable for professionals, creatives, and general users who want a stylish and capable machine.
  • Mac Mini: The Mac Mini is a compact desktop that comes without a built-in monitor, keyboard, or mouse, allowing users to customize their setup. It's ideal for those who want a small-form-factor desktop that can handle everyday tasks and some professional applications.
  • Mac Pro: The Mac Pro is Apple's most powerful desktop, designed for professionals who require top-tier performance. It's commonly used for video editing, graphic design, and other resource-intensive tasks.

Each of these models is built with Apple's signature attention to detail and includes macOS, an operating system known for its stability and user-friendly interface. Our refurbished Apple desktops are rigorously tested and certified to ensure they meet the performance standards you expect from Apple products, but at a more affordable price point.Whether you're editing high-resolution videos, designing complex graphics, or simply looking for a reliable desktop for everyday use, Reboot IT's refurbished Apple desktop range has something to offer.

Workstation Desktops, what are they?

Workstation desktops are high-performance computers designed for professional use that require more computing power than what typical desktops provide. These machines are built to handle demanding tasks such as 3D rendering, complex data processing, video editing, CAD (Computer-Aided Design), and other CPU or GPU-intensive workloads.

At Reboot IT, our workstation desktops are equipped with advanced components, including multi-core processors, high-end graphics cards, substantial amounts of RAM, and large storage capacities with fast read and write speeds. They often come with professional-grade hardware that is optimized for stability and precision, which is essential for technical or scientific applications that demand accuracy.

Workstation desktops are ideal for professionals who need a reliable and robust system that can perform at high levels for extended periods. They are engineered to be more durable and are often subjected to more rigorous testing than standard consumer desktops to ensure they can operate under strenuous conditions.

Our range of refurbished workstation desktops at Reboot IT provides the same level of performance as new models but at a fraction of the cost. This makes them an excellent choice for businesses, research institutions, and creative professionals looking to maximize their investment in computing resources.

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